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Day 12 – Shoulders and back

There are many things that I try to pride myself on.  it is and has always been clear to me that I am stronger inside than I am on the outside.  I don’t want or need to be the strongest woman around but my back and shoulders can handle a lot of things.  Whether I’m building a patio alone or handling the next emotional crises, my back and shoulders have carried a lot of weight.

Again, in this photo I see flaws.  I took this because I am in a wedding in April and the dress is backless.  It won’t be very forgiving of the rolls I see here and I am trying to be alright with it.  This is the view that folks will see as I walk down the aisle.  I am perfectly aware I am not the main attraction and that brings me some comfort.  While I really dislike the way this looks I choose (at least today) to focus on what you can’t see here.  There is a lot that is not visible here and as is true with many things sometimes the things we can’t see are the most beautiful things about us.

These shoulders have weathered a lot of storms.  They may be covered over by fat and flab but they are strong and dependable.  I don’t always treat them with the care and love they need.  Maybe that is why I get sad when I see the full view of them.  My shoulders and held friends and family members through grief and hard times.  They have been there when asked and when they just knew they were needed.  They supported my daughter’s head when she was a baby and they lowered in respect when I lost both of my fathers.  They supported my idea of buying a farm, building fences, wrangling horses, chasing chickens, and building a patio (alone).   They were sore at the end of all of these things and while they complained a bit, they never quit on me.

My back has supported me when my core and other muscles were too tired to move forward. It has carried heavy things both physical and emotional.  It reminds me of when I need to straighten up and lets me know when its time to relax and lay flat.  My back and spine have reminded me of twinges and tingles that without a strong back I am pretty helpless.

Back and shoulders are extremely sexy to me.  Strength is sexy to me and backs and shoulders are a sign of strength for me.

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  • Brigit Delaney

    Ugh…it annoys me when brides pick dresses without their ladies in mind. I let mine pick their own as long as they had the right color. I wanted them to all feel beautiful and have a dress they might actually wear again.

    Your attitude about this is wonderful, though. It is best to see what is good and to celebrate our strengths. Often our flaws ARE our strengths.

    • Toy

      So true! We were able to pick our dress but because of my surgery onward limited on time. It actually came in today and only needs a few alterations and it may look ok from behind after all!

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