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Day 9 – New Look

A new look is always fun and exciting.  It could be a new dress, some fancy shoes, or just a new great pair of earrings.  My new look is more permanent than that.  I recently had a surgical procedure that changed how I look from the front.  I am learning to embrace it but it takes time.  I know what some of you are thinking.  It was an improvement, get over it!  Right?  I hear you and I get it.  I do think the look is better and my clothes fit better and my front looks better.  The important thing is the medical condition that prompted the new look is no longer an issue.  So for that, I am grateful and can be happy about it.

When I look at this picture and see my new look, I can smile.  I also look at this picture and still see all the flaws.  I am not sure if I will ever not do that.  My daughter saw this picture and started crying.  She saw nothing but beauty and confidence.  Clearly perspective matters.  She made me promise when I posted this photo not to point out the flaws I see.  We pinky swore on it so in honor of that I need to move on from them.

Funny thing is, moving on from them leaves me with little to say.  I do love this picture.  I feel good that I took and posted it.  It looks sexy to me.  Being able to say that is a big step for me.  It was actually taken with a timer from my phone and I wasn’t ready.  I did edit it, but not to change it just to crop it.  So, this new look is ok with me.  No matter the reasons or how it came to be, I am glad that I am healthy and that those flaws I see I am not supposed to point out are signs of a life lived.  I can learn to be ok with that.

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