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Day 14 – Candied Hearts

These little candied hearts are my favorite Valentine’s Day candy.  Valentine’s Day has always been awkward for me.  When I was younger it meant it was the one day my first day would shop by himself and buy my Mom, Sister and myself a small box of chocolate and a little stuffed animal.  He hated shopping and this was the only day he forced himself to go it alone.  It was special and I miss those Valentine’s Days.  Valentine’s Day is also the day before my birthday so while Dad made it special it was always a prelude to my big day, whatever that looked like year by year.

As I got older Valentines Day became the romantic fantasy of candied hearts, roses, and love.  I had one or two good ones but mostly they fell short of my expectation.  To be fair, I had the expectation of young woman wanting to believe the hype of the day.  Romantic dinners, candied hearts and flowers, and romantic lovemaking.  After a while, I would just wish the person I was with would remember my favorite Valentine candy was the candied hearts with little messages on them.  I preferred them to chocolate and to be honest after Dad stopped giving me chocolate, I didn’t want it from anyone else.

Conversation hearts or candied hearts as I called them are straight-up sugar and probably the worst thing you could put in your body.  But like candy corn in October, this was my February candy.  Whether I was in a relationship or not I would buy them for myself, and yes, eat the whole bag myself because not a lot of people like them.  That was okay by me.

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