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Day 16 – Nipples

Nipples respond to so many things but usually in the same way.  They perk up and push out to let you know they are responding.  My nipples never use to talk to me.  I barely knew they were there and they didn’t bring me pleasure at all.  It has taken time but now I know what they like when it comes to sexual stimulation and when done right they respond in the most wonderful ways.

It used to be that my nipples only got hard when I was cold and even then it was hit or miss.  I never understood the big deal about breasts and nipples because mine seemed dormant.  When I had my reduction the big concern everyone warned me about was that I could lose sensation in the nipples because sometimes they are detached and removed and then replaced and the nerves do not always reconnect.  This was not a concern for me because that wouldn’t be any different for me.

I was lucky!  After breast reduction, I noticed more sensation.  At first, it wasn’t pleasant as the nerves reconnected and got their shit together.  Shortly after the healing process, I started to notice them and the sensations were amazing.  My bra would bring amazing tingles that shot through my body but started at my nipples.  I felt everything.  I realized this was still a bit of sensitivity from the surgery but it was different and I loved being able to feel my nipples.

Playing with Sir was the moment I knew things were going to be intense.  It wasn’t just a sensation when he touched me.  He didn’t just touch me.  He pinched my nipples, twisted them, clamped them with close pins.  The sensations came from the pain but sent waves of pleasure throughout my body.  I finally knew what everyone was talking about.  I know the sensations came from not only the surgery but the play and attention they were getting that they had never gotten before.  It was a nice realization and I’m glad they talk to me now.

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