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Benefits to Working at Home

I am trying to find the benefits of working from home and take advantage of the time given to me.  My work is an “on-call” basis so I am only needed if the client has a meeting.  While I was in the office, I used my downtime to write or read or shop.  In an effort to decrease my anxiety with all of these new routines in place at the moment.  I am determined to make better use of my time.  The benefits of being able to stay at home are good.  Even with some of the inconveniences.

I don’t have an office in my home.  I worked briefly in the basement but its creepy down there and depressing so I wanted another option.  I also have two dogs.  An eight-year-old Kerin terrier mix whose bark could cut glass with its high pitch, and a five-month-old German Shepherd whose bark is deep and scary and frequent… he is a baby and it has been hell keeping him quiet.  When they play it is like a very off tune symphony of annoyance.  All of this makes setting up at the dining room table a horrible option.  The benefit of this is that they are my heart and keep me smiling so I keep their rooms in the dining room as normal because it is there space.  The other benefit is that I get to spend more time with them and they aren’t in their room for long periods of time.

The last option is my bedroom.  This isn’t ideal because I will be on video with co-workers and clients.  I don’t exactly want them to view my bedroom but it is my best option.  I set a snack tray stand in the corner of my bedroom and brought a dining room chair beside it.  The laptop is set up and on so I’ll hear any emails or alerts I need to.  I have a HUGE thermos of coffee and made breakfast to bring into my room.  The kitchen is close so I can sneak in there without disturbing the boys.  They are actually really good for me.

So here I sit.  I have my coffee.  I have eaten a little.  I did a morning mediation (new for me) that went ok.  I guess that is a habit I need to work on.  I am waiting for an alert that I am needed for work.  I have books to read and I have work on my blog that can be done.  Some of which I can’t do in the office.  Things like taking a quick photo for Boobday!  I hope that everyone is doing well and adjusting to whatever changes they are having to make.

I hope we can all find the benefits of this new way of living.  Be safe and be well my friends!

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