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Blue Sky

The color blue to some is a sad and gloomy state of being.  “Feeling blue” has been meant to feel sad and low.  For me, there is something uplifting and hopeful about the color of a blue sky.  I can make me feel happy.  I look up and see the brilliant blue color and there is something about it that gives me hope.  Particularly after a few days of grey and rainy days, the blue sky can energize me.

Beaches and blue sky always center me.  I usually give the beach and the ocean the credit for making me feel better and making me feel centered.  I don’t think I have given the sky the credit it deserves.  A deep blue sky with big white fluffy clouds reminds me of laying on my back with my daughter and giving names to the shape of them.    We found running horses, alligators, castles, and even rolling ocean waves.  It was a simple time and simple activity that brought us joy and giggles.

I have not been diagnosed with seasonal depressive disorders of any kind.  At least not officially.  I do, however, notice when the weather is grey and gloomy so am I.  If I can not get outside and get sun on my face I feel tired and less energetic.  I am a sun worshiper.  I use to believe that I simply laid in the sun because I loved having a tan and it made me feel like I looked healthier, regardless of how much I knew it was bad for my skin.  I know now it is the warmth of the sun that makes me feel better.  Regardless if I am in full “tanning” mode with a bathing suit, SPF, a lounge chair and a good podcast, or walking into work and lookup for two minutes to allow the sun to ignite me and energize me.

The past four days it has been raining and gloomy.  Grey skies with no white puffy clouds, just grey, and rain.  This morning I woke to find the sky a little lighter.  By 9:00 am, the sky was blue.  I heard birds chirping and they weren’t annoying, they were a welcome sound this morning.  Today was a sign that things go on.  Regardless of the state of the world right now and how scary things are the birds are back and building their nests.  The grass is growing and will need to be cut soon.  The people in the neighborhood are surfacing to tinker around their yards and while keeping their social distance, they are waving and checking in with each other over the fence and from across the street.

The blue sky today is a welcome sight and one that I will appreciate more so now than ever before.  I hope to visit my beaches soon when all the restrictions are lifted but for now, I will take this gorgeous blue sky that appeared today when it was needed most.

Be safe and take care, everyone!

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  • SassyCat3000

    I can relate to the emotional state. Its been raining here a lot this past week and when it does it makes me wanna just stay in bed, no energy at all. But when it’s sunny & bright I have so much more energy. Strange how that all works.
    I hope you can enjoy the beach soon and do enjoy the sunshine while it lasts. 🙂
    Also, this post can also be linked up to #SB4MH (Sex Bloggers for Mental Health) if you’re interested.

    • Toy

      Thanks so much! I don’t mind the rain at times and enjoy thunder storms. But the constant gloom is too much. Particularly now. I will link to #SB4MH. Thanks for the suggestion!

  • Marie Rebelle

    I definitely love blue skies a lot more than the grey rainy ones, but it’s been ages since I last sat in the sun for the sake of it. I do, however, love to go out and soak up the friendly weather when it’s warmer.

    Rebel xox

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