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Cold and Hot

Cold and hot, back and forth, trading off a few minutes at a time.  This is how the weather had been.  Typical for this time of year, her least favorite time of year.  She wished Mother Nature would just make up her mind and pick one or the other.

Temperatures make things interesting. Weather, water, metal, glass, it all changes how we feel.  With this in mind, she took the metal dildo out of the freezer.  Walking naked to her bedroom, she turned off the lights and the television.  The windows were open.  The weather outside was damp. A cool breeze crept through the open window.  The weather matched her emotions.

She placed her just poured whiskey on the nightstand.  This would be her third of the evening.  It was rare she drank alone.  The cold glass and the hot burn of the whiskey on her mouth made her eyes clamp shut as she swallowed.  She laid on top of the covers on the bed. There would be no porn this time.  Not for any other reason than she didn’t feel like fucking with finding something that would help get her off.  She cared that little, whether she did or not.

With no enthusiasm, she laid on top of the covers facing up toward the ceiling.  The whiskey had her feeling warm hot flashes as she closed her eyes. Her mind muddled with thoughts that made no sense to her, swirling thoughts of the past, and present fighting for attention.  She reached for the metal barbell shaped dildo.  That was its name—the Barbell.  For the first time today, she smiled at the thought this would be as close to a workout with barbells that she had come close to in a very long while.

The little time she took for preparation had not diminished the effects of the freezer.  Still so cold, her fingers stuck to it from the contrast in the temperature of her fingers.  She traced the metal between her thighs and spread her legs, raising her knees.  So numb, she barely reacted to the frozen metal touching her skin. Without thought or ceremony, she slides the metal into her pussy.  Not slow or fast, just matter of fact.  Just like she was washing her hair or brushing her teeth.  There was no excitement, no reaction.  The cold was all she felt.

Moving the metal in and out of her cunt in a method that she paid little attention to.  It was cold, yes, and she felt the cold but had no attachment to it.  It moved more comfortably now that it was wet with the sticky juices inside her.  She may have noticed that fact.  What she did see was this was taking too long.  She let go of the metal, leaving it to linger inside her and reached for her whiskey.  She propped herself up to be sure she wouldn’t spill any.  Taking a drink, she swallowed a large gulp.  Maybe she could finish now without wanting another sip.

Grabbing hold of the metal, she resumed the in and out motion.  The whiskey leaked through her veins, and she felt the effects as the dizziness reached her brain.  The whiskey was not clearing her thoughts or separating them so she could make sense of them.  The metal in and out, maybe a little faster now.  With her free hand, she touched her clit.  It was the only way this would end.  It may be the only way she sleeps tonight.

There was no mystery to her on how to make this happen.  She caught her clit between her fingers and rolled it like a marble.  One, two, three times, and it was done.  Again, no ceremony.  Ritualistic.  Standard. Not a touch from another, no thrill.  Simply the physical response your body has to certain things.  It was done.

Removing the metal from her pussy, she noticed the heat from it.  The contrast from how it entered her.  The wet warmth on her thigh as it slid out of her.  She laid there for a respectable amount of time.  It was her forced homage to the forced afterglow of a forced orgasm.

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