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Feeling Strappy Kinks

I am feeling strappy kinks!  Maybe I am feeling strappy because it has been forever since I have experienced them.  I love straps of any kind, in clothing, and how they feel when they graze my body.  My biggest kink (thus far) is impact play.  Spanking, crops, and belts have been my experience, and I love them all.  Flogging is something that I have not experienced but hope that someday I will.  Until then, I will settle for soft straps across my body.  This suit was ordered during one of my sleep shopping nights.  Silly, I know, but I honestly don’t remember ordering this!  It came in the mail, and my immediate thought was, “what the fuck were you thinking?”  There is nothing to this suit.  The fact that it is a swimsuit makes me giggle.  Those tan lines would something else!  I knew I would never wear this anywhere in public and threw it in the corner of the room.  A few weeks later, after a solo date with Redemption whiskey, I decided to wiggle into this little piece of cloth.

I managed to figure out what went where (which was a challenge), and while it needed some adjustments, I figured it out.  Pulling and tugging from this side to that.  My first glance in the mirror, I was pleasantly surprised.  It didn’t look that bad, at least from the crotch up.  I immediately started to pick apart the rolls and folds from the legs down, but I wasn’t too upset.  I thought I could probably get away with wearing this alone in the back yard, undercover., hidden by the bushes!  Then I turned around!  I’m not a fan of how I look from behind, but I can’t remember the last time I laughed that hard about the dismay of my backside image.  The little triangle meant to cover my backside was struggling to get the job done.  Through tears of laughter, I tugged and pulled a little more.  In the end, not even turning this thing into a thong was going to work.  Yes, my ass could have swallowed the little triangle but still would not have worked.  I decided to turn around and look at the front again and go with that image.

Even better, I decided to lay on the bed and let gravity help me out a bit before snapping this photo.  I can appreciate how it looks from the front.  I can also appreciate the laugh I got from the backside image.  It is currently folded up neatly in the back of the draw.  Sending this picture to my daughter so she could share the laugh was a one whiskey decision.  She thought it looked amazing.  She hadn’t seen the back of it.  Sending this picture to the guy I’m spending time with was a two whiskey decision.  His response, “holy shit, that’s sexy!”  He also hasn’t seen the back, and we will just keep it that way.

Feeling straps on my body has always made me feel sexy.  While the backside of this little number wasn’t a shining moment for me, I loved how the straps laced across my body.  When I say the KOTW prompt this week, it reminded me of how flogging had always intrigued me.

In my only D/s relationship, my Dom loved impact play as well.  It was what truly made us feel connected.  He was cautious at first, but he was always pleased and proud of my endurance and eagerness to experience some kind of impact.  He started with spanking, awkward for me at first, seemed almost silly until he did it the first time.  It was then that I craved it. The first time he left his handprint on my ass, we were both so pleased he took a picture of it.  We moved on from there to the crop.  I always giggled because I had used them on my horses and had them at the barn, and all those years, I never thought of them being used on me.  I loved it!  One of our last times together, he spanked, used the crop, and then the belt!  It was a lot, but it was terrific.  Those were the good ol’ days!

Genuine Leather Flogger Teasing Quirt Lashing Cowhide Flirting Fun ...

We never got as far as flogging.  Not that I assume that is the next step, but it was something we hadn’t tried together.  He had one but never thought to use it on me.  I was so curious about it.  I had researched all the different types and materials of floggers.  Secretly when he was out of the room, I would rummage through his box of toys and run the flogger he had through my fingers.  I wondered how it would feel hitting my skin.  I wondered what the contrast would be from running the soft leather straps through my fingers to feeling them hit my skin.  I still wonder.  I hope someday it is something I can experience.  I haven’t given up on the chance even though without him, it doesn’t seem possible.  I have learned never to say never!





  • Veronica

    I love the bathing suit and think the tan lines would be intriguing! I hope you get a chance to be flogged sometime… it is such a different sensation from a crop. Maybe at a kink play party? 🙂

  • Modesty Ablaze

    Yes … never say never … hopefully your wish may come true !!!
    Oh and your photo is lovely … I also struggle getting all the straps and strands to sit correctly in some of my similar outfits. They never look like the photos on the packaging !!!
    Xxx – K

    • Toy

      Lol! No they don’t! And rarely do they look like they did on the model. My insomnia shopping self needs to read the fine print (and sizes vrs measurements) a bit better.

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