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Inspiration from unexpected sources

I have spent a lot of time looking for and finding inspiration.

Inspiration has always come easy to me; it is the follow up that I struggle to conquer.  It has taken me a long time to realize that inspiration comes from unexpected sources.  I have never been someone to delve into a self-help book for answers.  From the best to the worst, I usually finish the book, podcast, or seminar with the feeling that I already knew everything the said.  It was just putting it into action that I struggled with finishing.

I know in most parts of my life what I need to do.  I should eat better and work out more.  I need to read more and write more.  I need to have goals and work toward them.  I need to turn off the television and stop watching murder shows because they are depressing.  I need to move on from old toxic relationships. Sometimes, it is just overwhelming.  Thinking of all those things all at once is just a lot.

The obvious answer is to break it all down and tackle it one thing at a time.  See, I told you I know what to do.   Doesn’t that sound so easy?  Yes, of course, it sounds easy, but like I said, knowing how to change things and do the things that make the change happen are two different things.  So that sucks badly!

Inspiration from the usual environments

So we have determined that sitting in a room with a bunch of people trying to find their answers and inspiration together probably isn’t for me.  Honestly, that is usually when my empath characteristics kick in, one of two things tend to happen.  First, I start helping everyone else.  Put me in a group activity, and I become Dear Abby (showing my age, I am sure there is someone newer to the realm) and Tony Robbins. (Again, I know there are newer folks to reference).  Secondly, I immediately begin to think my problems are nothing compared to others and ditch the process mentally before I even leave the room.

Reading books sometimes is sometimes successful,  but it has to be recommended by someone as cynical as me, and it has to grab me from the first page!  I like to read. However, reading has a sleep aid effect on me, so it takes me forever to finish.  So, if it is a book telling me to do what I know I need to do but doesn’t motivate me to do it, the book becomes a dust collector.  It looks good on the coffee table tho!

Podcasts really are the best for me.  Again, they have to grab me from the beginning and be entertaining and informative in a way that makes me not feel like I am learning.  The problem with podcasts is I like to take notes, so listening while driving is hard.  These days I am not driving a lot, so there is that.  Yep, I could listen at home, turn off the television and murder shows, and actually focus on the podcasts, but for some reason that is hard.  I told you I know what to do!

Finding help in unique environments

I have always been a nature girl.  A trip to the beach is where I feel my best.  The ocean, sand, and sun, and sometimes even a rainy day on the beach, can usually motivate me in many ways.  I wish I went more and made it happen more often, but it is a struggle for many reasons.  Especially this year.

One surprising place that I had found inspiration has been with the memes that I found when I started blogging.  Not just the memes but the other blogs out there.  I saw people sharing their experiences, sadness, joy, struggles, and successes.  Reading all the different journeys made me feel less alone.  I often find myself cheering them on, agreeing with them, crying with them, relating to them.  I love that there are so many people, like me and different from me, that I can connect with.  I may not always understand their struggles, and they may not understand mine, but there is genuine respect for the most part that  I have rarely found previous to my blogging.  I could list them, but there are so many, and I’d forget someone.  I plan on adding a “who I am following” type of thing to my blog at some point.

Always searching for inspiration

I feel that inspiration is something we should never stop trying to find.  I have had a lot of inspirational people in my life on many different levels.  I feel lucky to have those past experiences and look forward to future ones.  So for all of you that have shared your most personal and your most fun journeys, thank you.  You have modeled a way of handing disappointment, celebrating success, and moving toward your goals that have, without a doubt, inspired me!


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  • Brigit Delany

    I agree, I have found a lot of inspiration from the blogs I read. It’s hard to find this sort of lifestyle-specific description anywhere else. I have read a few good memoir-type books, but there isn’t much else out there. And I hear you on the self-help books. They tell me nothing new. I know what I have to do…but what I really need is a coach in my life leading me every step of the way. It is the difference between motivation and momentum. I have loads of motivation at the start, but planning out the steps I will take and actually taking them is a different matter altogether.

    • Toy

      Absolutely! I have always said I need someone kicking my ass, turning off the TV, dragging me to the kitchen to eat and cook the right food, or just open the laptop and write and share stuff! Constant battle but I won’t surrender!

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