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Erotic Journal Challenge,  Memes and Things


Lust isn’t always about sex! Shocking I know, but it is true. We lust after food, a good movie, comfy pants, or no pants at all. We lust after a time when we were younger, thinner, more active. Times when life was easier. We can lust over just about anything!

Lust, as it relates to sex, becomes more complicated. Or does it? You can lust over the touch of someone, the sound of their whisper in your ear, or a cuddle on the couch watching a stupid movie that you care nothing about, but, you’re cuddling so you don’t care. This is a lust I have a lot. Don’t we tend to lust after the things we don’t have? This is me right now.

Like most people, I am struggle with the shit show that is this year! I am more worried, more anxious, more nervous than I can remember ever being before. My life has been good but it has also been hard. These times are the hardest and for some reason, the hits keep on coming and landing on the negative side of things. I worry about myself, my family, my friends. We have all experienced sadness, death, loss, illness, financial woes and the list goes on. I lust for a time when things are easier.

I miss a lot that has been put on hold these days, but the normal day to day things aren’t what I miss the most. I don’t do the bar scene so I am not missing being elbow to elbow with a bunch or strangers. I do miss my friends but as things have lightened up a bit we have had some socially distant get togethers.

I am most lustful for human touch. I want to cuddle. I want to be in someones arms. I want to feel someone pull me closer to them. I want orgasms from someone other than myself. I want the heat of sex. I want to feel a hand pull the length of my hair from behind and whisper something dirty in my ear. I want all of this, and then I want to start over and do it all again.

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The Erotic Journal Challenge


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