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Prioritizing is an ever-changing and ongoing task in my daily routine. I don’t like clutter anywhere. My house and my desk are usually well put together and ready for the occasional unexpected guest. Just don’t open a draw or cabinet.

I am reasonably skilled at organizing. Where I fall short in maintaining the organization that I have set in place, sometimes its a week, month, or even a year, but eventually, I find myself organizing again. When do I start the reorganization? When I am avoiding doing something that I don’t want to do or makes me uncomfortable.

Prioritizing isn’t something that I am bad at doing. Like organizing, I am pretty skilled at getting things prioritized decently. I tend to lean toward lists. I love lists. I make a lot of them, and I make them often. I do better with handwritten lists on paper. Sometimes my lists have sub-lists. It can look borderline obsessive. I get annoyed with I can mark off the third thing on the list, but the first and second haven’t been completed. This is where prioritizing comes into play.

I have tried many different methods but always go back to pen and paper. Recently, I tried a new approach but still using the same process. Life has gotten hectic, even with COVID, and being locked in the house for the better part of the year. I started making lists to “organize” drawers and cabinets and closets. With lists in hand, I have been able to get most of it completed. I still have a ways to go, but my “Organize This” list is getting whittled down. I am happy about that. Somethings I have had to do twice, but that is okay too because you don’t always get it right on the first try.

This month, life is a roller coaster. My sister is coming to town, and there was much to do to get my house ready and help my Mom prepare as well. My sister is taking some furniture back to Washington State with her, so Mom and I had packing and things like that to do. I had a “Mom List” and a “Me List.” (Told you it was a little obsessive). Most of my list was cleaning and such, so that is a given. Where the new method came in is that I put a date to the list. I make a list like a brainstorming session, add a date they need to be done, then rewrite the list in order of the date. That took care of number three on the list getting done before numbers one and two! Smart right? Those lists look good, and we are getting close to having nothing to do but wait to finally hug my sister and brother in law.

The problem is, I plan and organize specific events very well. It is my everyday things that I struggle with. Perhaps I am more reactive than proactive. Writing is a struggle to prioritize because sometimes, you just don’t feel like writing when you schedule that time. I make a list (of course, I do) of things I want to write about, so at least if I sit down to a black page (screen), I at least have some muscle memory on things I wanted to write about at some point. That helps; although it isn’t always perfect, it does make the looming black screen a little less intimidating.

Self-care is another one that I don’t schedule well. This includes but is not limited to exercise, socializing, sexual health, doctors, appointments, etc. The list is long, but it isn’t a list of prioritizing. When I do make the lists, the main task is to schedule these things, but they rarely get scheduled. I am working on this. In June, I made a list of the doctor appointed that I needed to make. I was able to get two out of four scheduled. Anything involving a phone call irritates me, so I took this as a huge win!

Exercise is just a bitch for me. I’ve talked about this before. I have every opportunity available to me. My basement is a gym that I could honestly rent out if I needed to. I also have a little stepper in my bedroom/office that, theoretically, I could work out between meetings. It’s pretty! It is red and black! I’m looking at it now. It is staring at me, wondering why I bought it. Truthfully it just came on Friday, so I’m giving myself a break there, but I know I need to get after it. I need to add exercise to my daily schedule, right? We all say that. Schedule the time, put it on the calendar for accountability. Yep, working on that.

Socialization is something that I wasn’t good at before the lockdown. It usually turns out to be a bunch of stuff in one weekend and then a two-month drought. Sometimes you can’t help that other than saying no to some things, but I don’t mind that as much. I want to get better at reaching out to people I haven’t seen in a while, so that is my goal for 2021.

Sexual health is something I have never been good at focusing on. Well, let me clarify that. When I was in my D/s relationship, I was on top of it. I was always ready and prepared in case I was needed or required to be somewhere and present in a certain way. Before that, I had no sexual health. I took care of the medical stuff, but not the physical needs and emotional needs. These days its been much worse. Between not having sexual options and the shut down making it difficult to find opportunities, its been a bit frustrating and sad. I miss the touch of another person, and while masturbating is helpful, I am a bit bored with myself. I still find myself missing my D/s life (some of it anyway), and so even having vanilla sex can be frustrating. Scheduling is challenging because that depends on the other person’s availability, and that is also irritating. So to plan that is tough, but I am hoping that prioritizing the other parts in my life will make more time to focus on the things that are more complicated.

Prioritizing is essential, and for me, the only way I can have any success at calm and order in my life. I am starting a class in September, and that will add an extra element to things. Making lists, scheduling my time, prioritizing my life in compartments will be critical. I am learning that trying to prioritize everything in one big lump doesn’t work. I am breaking down the areas that need to be prioritized, and prioritizing those compartments seems like the best way to go. Here is hoping!

Now, off to make some more lists!


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