lingerie black and white photo with clevage and long dark braided hair

Lingerie isn’t Always Leather and Lace

I have said it before and I’ll say it again, lingerie isn’t always leather and lace. I hadn’t planned on posting this but scrolling through some pictures this one popped up.

Lingerie for me use to be fancy sexy outfits. I avoided them because I never felt I looked good in those types of outfits. My view on that has changed over time. I can find sexy in almost anything now. Sexy is a feeling on the inside, not the clothing on the outside. Not to say that clothing can’t make you feel sexy. Of course, it can! I have just embraced sexy in all my clothes.

This grey tank top is probably five years old. I don’t think I ever wore it out and about. It was a farm shirt for working the horses for a while. Then it was a nightshirt on warm nights. Now, it is my go-to top to wear in the summertime. It is out of shape, faded, a bit too large and low to wear to the grocery store, but it is my favorite.

I love how soft it is against my skin. The years of washing and drying have worked it into lovely wrap my body in all the right places and hang off my hips with room to spare. It isn’t tight-fitting anywhere, and that is what I love about it. Sometimes it slips a little lower than normal and will expose my breast down tot he nipple. In years past I would hurry to fix it, but now, I let it fall.

I do love the sexy leather and lace and strappy outfits. I love them now more than ever since I have become slightly more accepting of my body. I’m still working on that, but it is always nice to know there is one little tank top that always does the trick!

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