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Good Morning

Back in the day I use to fear morning sex. If there was even a hint of it I would lay awake all night. Why? To be sure I would wake up first, brush my teeth, use the bathroom and do a quick wash up. I would then slide back into bed and lay there still. I honestly think the only thing I didn’t do was apply make up. I am happy to say that things changed.

I have turned into a lover of morning sex. Being single kind of sucks right now because we are entering the fall season where the chilly night and mornings lend perfectly to snuggling and whatever else is on the table. Somewhere along the line, I got over myself with being all put together with fresh smells, empty bladder, and brushing teeth. Thank goodness!

I now enjoy being both the giver and the receiveer of morning start ups. One of my best mornings was when there was an alarm set so I could leave and go home to shower. I was nervous about getting home and to work on time so it was a restless night. Half an hour before the alarm I rolled into his arms. His light snores were (at that time) adorable to me. I laid my head on his chest and my hand on his stomach. Without even realizing it by hand found its way to his cock. I remember playing with it to wake him and when he awoke he responded by pushing my head down to his cock and I sucked him off, finishing as the alarm to wake up rang us both into reality. I was rarely the instigator in that relationship but that morning I knew what I wanted and took a chance. We were both really glad I did.

I am not, by definition, a morning person. I enjoy sleeping in but I do hate to waste the day. I always feel better when I get up early and things are done and then have the day to do whatever. I just haven’t been able to make that a good habit. I do, however, love being awakened by someone that is ready for sex. I am not a grumpy morning person. I don’t need coffee before sex either. I may not wake up quickly and once I was actually being fucked before I realized what was going on. (This had been discussed on several occasions and consent was given if the situation ever presented itself).  

I miss sleeping with someone. All of my relationships have been with really good cuddlers. Some of those cuddles turned into sex and some didn’t. I love being the first thing that someone wants to touch, cuddle, or fuck in the morning.

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  • Bee

    Funnily enough, it’s only since I’ve been with my current partner have I enjoyed those mornings together. Before him, I’d always run out the door as soon as I could or make sure they didn’t stay overnight!

    • Chrisy Kay

      Exactly! It is funny how I have changed about the whole thing. I remember telling a friend how I felt about it and her response was – “girl you don’t know what your missing! Have altoids on the bedside table!”

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