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Working Out or Working it Out

There are times when my day goes perfectly. I get up, shower, take care of the dog, do some workouts, and get my workday started. This is a good day. They don’t happen often.

Most days, I haven’t slept well, struggle through four alarms, thank the universe that I pre-set the coffee, sit at my desk, and try to pretend I’m ready. On these days, which happen more often, I am lucky if I brush my teeth in the morning.

I feel better after I work out. Whether it is yoga, or something more intense, I feel good. More importantly, I feel sexy. I have always wished that I was addicted to exercise the same way I am addicted to icing. I want to say that it isn’t in my DNA. However, my mother blows me out of the water at 81 years old, doing yoga every day, the gym three times a day, and walks 6 miles a day. Yes, it is in my DNA, but perhaps it skipped a generation.

I know all the benefits, and at 55, I know I should be more mindful of my physical and mental health. I am now and have always been the kind of person that knows what to do but rarely does it for myself. I take care of others first. I also know that isn’t the best policy, but I haven’t found a way to change it.

Let’s go back to how working out makes me feel sexy. My daughter gave me the strangest look when I said this to her. “Sexy is the last thing that working out makes me feel!” Her response was valid. I explained to her that for some reason, exercise and being active makes me feel better about myself. Yoga particularly makes me feel grounded, and I know the benefits are inside and out for my body. When I am done, I feel accomplished (in the moment). It makes me feel good that I have done something positive, less time on the couch and sitting as I do all day. The sexy part comes in different ways. Yes, I feel sexy when I am working my body, perhaps because weight loss and toned muscles are appealing. More because I feel good about working on me, for me, because I am worth it.

Stretching hurts! That pain tells me I am working on muscles that need to be worked. I don’t do a lot of planned cardio. Yoga and weights are my preference, and cardio comes from chasing the dog, yard work, and in the summer, kayaking and swimming. Motivation is my opponent, particularly on a day like today when there is snow and more falling, and I haven’t slept.

When I work out, I wear a fancy workout outfit to sweat pants, and a hoody. This is something that has presented itself with the pandemic. When I was going to a gym, I was a little more particular about what I wore. The outfit in the photo was a Christmas gift from my mother. She raised an eyebrow when I picked it out. “Is that going to cover you?” I just smiled and said that I would only wear it at home. That may or may not be true. I love how this outfit shows my stomach, and when I am exercising, I can see the muscles moving, which makes me feel good. I wasn’t sure how this was going to look on my body. I literally saw it on a manikin, and it looked so cute. When I put it on my body – I was thrilled. I am rarely thrilled with how I look in clothes, so this was a nice surprise. It is comfy and sexy, and that is how it makes me feel!

I don’t know that I will ever embrace working out and exercise. I hope I do, and I am working on making it not only a priority but something I like to do, if not love it. Yoga has been a go-to because I actually feel that it helps me inside with my mental health. Right now, that is the most important thing I need to focus on.


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