round cheek of white womans ass with red marks made from several smacks with a hand shadow on lower half of picture
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Red Marks

There is something about red marks that make me happy. I love the color that spanks on my ass create. I am not a fan of my ass. It has never made me feel sexy, and when I see it, I usually am disappointed at its shape and wrinkles. I am trying to love and appreciate my body more these days. My body has been through a lot. The scars I have are signs of the battles I have been through, and I am learning to accept them. My ass has never let me down. I’m thankful for that. I am also very grateful that it responds to spankings, paddles and crops, and canes with such beautiful colors. Those red marks show me the strength, endurance, and resilience I have. These red marks make me feel sexy and are a beautiful reminder of a perfect sexy time!

I went for a very long time without any kinky play. Impact play is my favorite thing, and I missed spankings and the red marks that my bottom presented after a spanking. I have a couple of pictures resulting from spankings, and I love them. Perhaps these red marks warrant being framed and hung on my wall in the bedroom. They would constantly remind me of the pleasure this day brought to me.

Appreciating my body and how it responds is something I never knew was possible. I am so grateful that I have figured it out and can do so now.

blue rounded square black lip print with words February Photofest 2022 blue background and old time camera picture


  • Molly

    Ahhh yes me too….. I love the look of my bum when it is red from a good spanking


    I have fixed your link on the linky page so as long as you tag all your posts with the February Photofest 2022 category then they will all show up when people click so you don’t need to add one every day to the linky tool

    • Chrisy Kay

      It is the most beautiful thing!

      Thank you! I tried again today and was going to text you. I’ve been away for awhile so still trying to remind myself how to do things! As you know, I hate the theme I chose to use for my site – it is confusing! THank you for the help! (as always)

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