white woman naked from stomach to neck, soapy suds on shoulder, steam from shower, beach wave necklace
February Photofest 2022


Shower vibes are great when you don’t have anywhere to be. Daddy likes me to send him a picture every morning since we can not be together. It is usually of my breast and occasionally my pussy. After several images of my breast at the desk, I decided to change things up.

This morning, I was actually on my way to see him. I love being clean for him. I make sure to have my body in the way he likes it. Daddy isn’t picky and loves how I look. I worry about it more than he does. I am careful to shave and use shampoo and soap that smells like something he would like.

I love taking a shower when I don’t have time limits. My regular shower usually takes about 10 minutes and then 20 minutes of trying to get all the soap out of the scrubby! I always wake up extra early when I see Daddy, so I am sure that I will have the time I need.

I have to admit the pandemic has made me a bit lazy. I try to look my best most days. There are days I don’t shower or put on makeup and go natural, particularly if I am not going anywhere. Even if I am going out, makeup becomes less critical with the required mask. I think my skin is grateful for the break.

Going to see Daddy is exciting, and I enjoy making an effort. I do not want to be lazy in my preparation with him.

February Photofest 2022

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