Blury picture of flesh colored background with red and dark red marks
February Photofest 2022

Dark Red

I may be a bit obsessed with dark red marks and bruises. After three years of not having them, I embrace them now with a passion that matches their color. These beautiful marks happened this morning during electric and satisfying and exhausting sex! I do not usually brag, but I will boast a lot about this situation. I may also be bragging a bit.

Bragging or boasting may be the wrong word. Can you boast about something that comes easily to you? I am sure that many people, couples, threesomes, and swingers can indeed boast about their sex lives. Many people have great sex. I take particular exception because there were many years I had awful sex. At times I didn’t even realize it was horrible sex. Now that I know what fantastic sex is, I will, without a doubt, boast about the fact that I have it!

These dark red marks show my strength, endurance, and will to please. Interestingly, it is not just the pleasure I get from the pain of impact play. It is after the sex, after the play also. Those red marks appear quickly as pink blushes and then slowly turn to dark red, crimson, bluish, and purple. I love watching the changes over the hours and sometimes days.

These marks happened in a last-minute decision of his that felt as if he had read my mind. Afterward, we gathered ourselves; he looked at me and said, “We are too good at that”! I agree, Daddy!

Being with Daddy makes me happy.

blury flesh colored background with red and dark red blotches and dark shadows at the bottom
February Photofest 2022

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