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February Photofest 2022

Feeling it?

In 2019 three of my friends and I had a girl’s weekend to have a change of scenery. There were laughs, tears, drinking, and confessions. It was a good time. We discussed how we were all feeling a bit off, not sexy, and in a slump. The suggestion of a boudoir photo shoot came up, and we began searching for options. We landed on a studio that seemed like the right fit. We continued drinking, and honestly, I didn’t think much more about it until I got the call.

We were all in. We made the appointments, and each of us had our photoshoots. Two of the girls were recently married or getting married, so these photos were gifts for their husbands. They had wedding dresses and special lingerie, and their focus jewelry was their wedding rings. I understood where their excitement was coming from and was happy for them. I started feeling like I shouldn’t go through with it through the process. It was expensive, and money was tight, but it was also hard for me to find a reason to do this. I didn’t have specifics that I wanted to capture, like a ring or an outfit. The guy I was seeing wasn’t in a position where I could gift him pictures, and we weren’t in that place at the time. I went back and forth in my mind but finally decided to do it for me. It was a lot of money to spend on myself, but I rationalized using the photos on my blog. Then I got sick, and many of the images never made it to publication. So – I am using February Photofest to show some of these photos.

This photo was about halfway through the day. I had been through hair and make-up. The photographer had champagne and food. I was prepared for just about anything. I had several outfits that took me an entire day to pull together. When you pay this kind of money, you want to make it good. At least I did.

This outfit was one of my favorites. I am always more comfortable in a flannel than lingerie. I love sexy lingerie, but sometimes sexy doesn’t equal comfy. As I said, I was halfway through the day and, to be honest, getting tired. I know – how exhausting can laying around half naked be? Well, maybe not exhausting, but it isn’t as glamorous as you would think.

The photographer was amazing. She is a vibrant, energetic woman who genuinely gets joy from helping women feel good about themselves. We discussed my preferences and what I was looking for. I told her I wasn’t into many photos of my ass and her response was, “let’s see if we can change that.” We had an instant comfortable connection which made the shoot a lot easier.

Why do I love this one the most? Because this is me. This is me on a regular day hanging around the house, minus the incredible makeup and hair. I think sexy has ranges. I feel very sexy in this picture. I was tired and not really feeling it, but I loved it instantly when I saw the picture.

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