white female with shear white shirt covering her breasts nipples visable waits and belly button visable veil
February Photofest 2022


I love this new top and how it acts as a veil over my skin. I am a fan of “less is more” with some things. I purchased this top to wear to the club with a plan of wearing a blouse or sweater over it. That is if I ever get back to the club. I appreciate leather and lace and black and red colors together, and all the strappy clothes that make me feel naughty. Sometimes a simple white veil top can be just as sexy.

I love sexy clothes and how they make me feel. It is difficult to appreciate my body at times, but clothes help change my perspective. My sexy wardrobe is limited. I have a few corsets and fishnets and of course some sexy shoes. Most of the time, dressing up in all that stuff feels like work. I enjoy being naked just as much, sometimes more. It is far easier to lay naked and appreciate my body. I struggle with aspects of my body, and being naked makes me see it. When I dress sexy, I tend to hide the areas that I do not like. When I am naked, I can not hide.

If I would ask Sir how he prefers me, he struggles. He can appreciate the sexy stuff and enjoy seeing it on me, but he also enjoys me naked. I can veil my body in different ways and feel good about it. I can feel sexy when he tells me I am beautiful. When he tells me he loves my ass, and that is the worse part of my body, in my opinion, it makes me smile. Whether I agree with him or not.

I do not have that person with whom I grew up and grew old together. That person who you didn’t notice the changes taking place. You didn’t know them in their younger years. With Sir, He sees me as I am now and can appreciate my body. There are parts of me that are better than when I was younger. He doesn’t care about that, and I suppose neither should I.


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