silk mask covering eyes of white woman with breast naked and visable brown hair with highlights
February Photofest 2022


There is something that thrills me when I wear a blindfold. I am pretty closter phobic, so it is not comfortable for me when my entire face is covered. Wearing a blindfold intensifies all my other senses and makes my other senses more responsive.

The first time I wore a blindfold during sex, I was unsure I would enjoy it. It was ok. At the time, the man I was with used a tie as a blindfold, and we had typical vanilla sex. I didn’t think it was terrific, but it did add a bit of difference if nothing else. I didn’t know then what I would eventually explore in my sexuality.

Wearing a blindfold during play is a whole new ballgame. The anticipation of what is about to happen is electric. I admit that Daddy is quite skilled at the play we enjoy together. His timing is always perfect for my needs. The toys he chooses to use on me vary from similar to contrasting. His ability to match the pain with the soothing sensations sends me the roller coaster of feelings that I crave. When I am wearing a blindfold, all of that is intensified.

All the physical sensations are there whether I am wearing a blindfold or not. The blindfold adds a level of anticipation that intensifies everything I would usually feel. I am very relaxed when he and I play together. I am excited because it doesn’t happen often, but playing with him relaxes me. Most of the time, our play and just our sex is a cardio event. We finish exhausted and satisfied and appreciative of our connection. When we set time to allow him to play with me, I start excited but relaxed in a strange way.

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