cornered white woman wearing a sweater looking off to the side naked from waste down brown hair beige sweater
February Photofest 2022


I love the feeling of being cornered by him, waiting for his next move. This is another photo from the professional photoshoot last year. It is not super clear, but I was in a corner, and we were trying different poses and doing the photo shoot thing. When I take my pictures, I always have a thought in mind that I want to relay through the photograph.

I am always waiting for Daddy to set the pace. He has never put me in the corner to wait for him; I don’t mean that kind of waiting. Although I am sure that has crossed his mind on occasion. Usually, when we are together, we stay as close to each other as possible, touching, kissing, fucking, playing as much as possible. Our time is limited, and we are away from each other a lot, so the thought of being kept at a distance is disturbing.

There is, however, a look he gets when he approaches me that sets me on fire. I love feeling him press against me, and when I am cornered against a wall or the couch, I am entirely overcome, and all nerve endings are on alert.

I have always wanted to experience wall sex. You know, that hot, very choreographed sex scene you see in movies. The woman is against the wall with her legs wrapped around him, and they are fucking using the wall as leverage. I find that incredibly hot, and when Daddy and I talk about it – we joke that we may need more than the wall to help us out. Maybe a stool to protect our knees and backs. Older, curvey people’s wall sex looks a bit different!

To be honest, any kind of sex is wonderful. Being cornered or not.

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