soapy bath naked woman squatting in the bath tup naked from front breast arms back ready to sit in the tup
February Photofest 2022


Soapy and lowering into the bath, I am looking forward to relaxing. I do not take baths often. I love them, but I haven’t focused on them since I moved to this house. It isn’t very comfortable in this bathtub, but I realize how much I miss it when I decide to take a bath.

This house has horrible water pressure, and the water temperature is either lukewarm or scalding. So finding a relaxing balance is difficult. It takes forever to fill, but eventually, it makes me feel much better when that balance is found.

I have been having some back issues and was hopeful that a warm bath would relax some muscles. I decided to put the dog away to limit the chance of joining me. Bathing with an 80 pound German Shepherd is not my idea of relaxing. He loves baths as much as I do. Tonight was my turn.

I don’t usually bathe with a camera and tripod either. Wine, however, set a nice pace. I am not a wine person, but I was out of whiskey, and I suppose wine looks a little classier.

wine down in bath white women in bath tup laid back holding a glass of wine black bath mat on bottom of tub leg up smal patch of pubic hair showing

I was halfway through the process and realized I didn’t have bath bubbles. That was disappointing because I love the smell that bubble bath offers. I tried the bath bombs once, but the kind I tried had natural herbs in them, and it turned out to be a mess to clean up. That took the relaxation out of the bathing process. The tiny soapy bubbles make me happy, but I had to settle with no bubbles and some essential oils to fill the bill.

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