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February Photofest 2022


Waiting is the worst part of a long-distance relationship. It is always worth the wait, regardless of how difficult the delay is. His attention, his touch, his strength are worth whatever I have to go through until we see each other again.

I have found ways to busy myself while I wait for the next time, which can never come too soon for me. Our power exchange is not what most people typically think of when discussing the D/s relationship. Yes, we have obvious dominant and submissive roles, and those lines are rarely blurred. Our play is consensual, and it is satisfying to both of us. What I have come to realize over the years we have been together and apart is that he struggles with the distance also.

Waiting to see me is difficult for him too. It is hard for him to accept when I have plans that interrupt our time together. I am not ordered to be with him; he doesn’t need to order me to do that; we work out our schedules as best as possible. We miss each other, and we talk when we can, we video chat when we can, and we see each other as much as possible.

Long-distance relationships aren’t easy. Our relationship is worth the wait.

February Photofest 2022

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