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February Photofest 2022


Nothing beats a good stretch! It is good for the body and the soul. There are many reasons to stretch. Some are better than others.

Before you do your workout or exercise, you stretch and warm up. It makes sense. You are about to stress your muscles and break them down, so they come back stronger and start burning all the fat you see covering the muscles. When you stretch, you reduce the risk of injury. Very important when you are working out so you can work out the next day without looking like Bambi on the lake! Let’s face it, that look is only cute on Bambi.

When we hopefully prepare so diligently for these workouts, why are we not stretching before sex? Oh, you do? Good job! This was something that took me a minute to put into place. I am not the workout person I wish I were. I am working on it, but it is a work in process. After a specific play with Daddy, it occurred to me that working in a stretch before we play is a good thing.

I had 12 years of dance lessons and used to be able to do the splits and twist my body into beautiful positions, and even get up off the floor without looking like a toddler with a diaper on. Those days are long gone. I am working on it, but it will take some time. Stretching and yoga are a big help with flexibility, and that is a big help when I am asked to take a position that is not a regular one for my body.

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