boots thigh high black leather stiletto heals on red blanket white legs
February Photofest 2022


Sometimes the proper boots are all you need to feel how you need to feel. I love shoes, and while I have plenty, I didn’t have those boots. The ones that say you are feeling sexy from head to toe. I have a lot of sexy tops that I usually pair with jeans. I don’t go out to clubs much, so I have never needed boots like these. That has changed slightly, and I am preparing my wardrobe for the trips to the clubs.

I recently joined a swingers club. I am not a swinger persea, but I enjoy being around like-minded people, and I found that it was comfortable, and there were many options other than just fucking people that are there on any particular night. The Pandemic put a damper on things, so I only went once and am unsure when I will be able to make it back, but nothing says I can not prepare.

These boots were a purchase I had waited to make for a while. I love the look and the heels, and while the bottoms are red (my favorite color combination), they aren’t designer. I’m more than ok with that because I don’t think they will get a lot of use. I was pleased when they arrived. I tried the on immediately. While that sounds like it was a quick and easy task – it was not.

They don’t tell you in the catalog that these suckers are challenging to get on. Yes, partly because my thighs are a little wider, but they are supposed to be tight fitting. I wiggled them on both legs and broke a sweat. This can’t be how it always is. What about those folks who slide these boots on and off with no worry! Okay, their thighs are probably a little smaller, but well, it is what it is then.

I know that if I plan to wear these anywhere, they will stay on the whole time until I get home and wiggle them off again. I had them on for 20 minutes. They are surprisingly comfortable, which was a pleasant surprise. I could walk in them without holding on to anything! That is a plus because it’s been a while since I’ve worn heels. I think to avoid the sweaty legs and fight to get the on and off I will wear panty hose of some kind to help the process.

I am looking forward to wearing these out and about.

boots white legs thigh high black leather boots stiletto heels woman on her back legs in the air and crossed at the ankle
February Photofest 2022

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