entrance dark shadow on white skin
February Photofest 2022


Entrance into my body is permitted with consent and willingness. I feel complete. Three weeks of no touching, no fucking, no contact except for text and zoom calls, today was much needed.

Long-distance relationships, regardless of their structure or distance, are complex. I am learning to deal with it, but it still sucks. There are long days and weekends when we feel disconnected. We wonder if we are thinking about each other, missing each other, or fucking others. We have made our agreements and dealt with our situation as best as possible. The most challenging part is not showing others how we are feeling inside.

The best part of a long-distance relationship is knowing that we are together. When we are, it is magnetic, electric, and satisfying. Holding on to those moments is what gets us through the waiting and the distance.

We can be tired and frustrated from our day-to-day lives, but we find the energy that makes our sex epic when we are finally together.

I love what he does to me and for me. The distance and space between us is geological. There is nothing more than miles and state lines. We understand that. I know my community wonders why I am so ok being alone. That has nothing to do with the distance. I wouldn’t mind being alone. I have learned that is a good way for me to be. The failed relationships and mistakes have become learning experiences that I acknowledge. I am grateful for them. I do not mind being single. I am learning how to handle being lonely because I am missing someone that misses me too. It is a process.

entrance white butt with penis entering no background
entrance penis entering vagina white skin small patch of light coming from back ground
February Photofest 2022

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