connection between bodies white woman dressed in black with tattoo on her arm kneeling and hands wrapped around a mans legs dark eye shadow hair in a top knot with mans hand visible holding her hair
BDSM,  kinks,  Lustitude,  Sir/Daddy


She walked in and dropped to her knees. He came from the kitchen and approached her. She wrapped her arms around his legs and looked up at him without hesitation, creating a connection between their bodies. His eyes were dark. The dark they become when they play. She didn’t expect them to be so dark so soon. He was ready.

She waited for him to decide what would happen next. He was caressing her hair, his eye hadn’t left hers. He was smiling. She knew that smile, and she knew what he wanted. She also knew that it would be what she wanted as well.

He reached for his belt and slowly pulled the flap from the buckle with his right hand. His left hand never left her hair, continuing the connection of their bodies. She waited, knowing what he wanted, knowing what was coming next. She watched as he pulled his cock from the slit that was created when he slowly pulled down his zipper. He presented his cock to her. It was growing hard at just the thought of what was to happen next. The smile that came to her face was as natural as the excitement of pleasing him.

Her lips opened as the smell of him engulfed her. Taking him into her mouth she felt his cock grow harder. His grip on her hair tightened when he felt the warmth of her mouth on him. She felt the tingling and wetness between her legs in connection with the stinging in her scalp. Lost in the reality of being at his feet, pleasing him, she moved slowly to take in all of him. Her lips wrapped around him, her tongue flicking the head of his cock, and his low moans of pleasure made her move faster. His hand moved to the back of her head as he guided her. He began fucking her face, fast and hard. She gulped air when she could but refused to stop him.

He instructed her to remove her shirt. She did as she was told, never letting their connection break, she leaned against his legs with her body and removed her shirt. She wrapped her hand around his legs again and lifted her face to him. Grabbing his cock, he stroked himself and guided his cum to land on her breast. Both of them were breathing fast. His cum on her body felt warm as it landed, thrilling her. Her hands rubbed her body, arms, and face. She wanted it all over her. He reached for her head, grabbed her hair, and guided her to clean his cock with her tongue.

His urgency please her. Her willingness pleased him.

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