lazy day and boobs for Daddy bare chest with breats tan lines and red sheet

Lazy Days and Boobs!

There is something about a lazy day and boobs that makes sense. In more ways than one.

Every morning, Daddy has asked that I send him pictures of boobs in the morning. We are at a distance most of the time and rarely see each other and this makes him smile in the morning, so I do not mind this task at all! I have A LOT of pictures of my boobs, and it dawned on me today that I could be sharing them here as well.

This photo was taken while I was being quite lazy about the task. It was my day off and I just couldn’t bring myself to get moving early, so I sent this one to him. It was a lazy day and boobs day and it is one of my favorite pictures.

I often feel like he must be getting bored with these pictures. I’m working on becoming more creative but most of the time, it’s a front shot of tits, and that is it. The lazy boob day photo was different!

There was a time when I didn’t care much for my breast. They have become my favorite part of me!

Lazy days and boobs are the best!

Boob Day


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