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Piercing was my answer to boredom! There are times when I get thoughts in my head because I get bored. I get bored a lot. I have been through a lot with my health over this past year. I wanted to mark the year anniversary of my surgery in some powerful way. The surgery last July was a big one and hit me emotionally more than I thought it would. A full hysterectomy with a note of cancer. It all has worked out well so far and I am taking things one day at a time. I do, however, have some emotional tinges about it all.

Five years ago, I had to have reconstructive surgery on my stomach which required me to surrender my naval piercing. I had that piercing for a long time. I didn’t like my stomach and my daughter convinced me to go ahead and get the piercing instead of waiting for some miraculous change in my stomach. (I love that girl). So she went with me and I had to admit, it was my favorite piercing. I was sad when I had to give it up.

In my boredom over the past year, entangled with health issues, I decided since all the tests and surgeries were over, it was time to re-pierce my naval. I arrived at my appointment and after a very close evaluation, the Piercer told me that she didn’t think it would work. When you have reconstructive surgery on your stomach, they have to “recreate” your naval. I remember telling the surgeon that I wanted to be able to pierce the naval again and she said she would do her best. The surgery was to remove some tumors, and at the same time, I got a tummy tuck. I have no regrets at all about any of it, except that now, it looks like my belly button piercing days are over. Which sucks because now I have a really great stomach and I think the piercing would look amazing, but I also don’t have tumors so I will take it.

I had discussed all of this with Daddy and he suggested I look into a Christina Piercing. I had to do some research. I never thought about genital piercings before. Mainly because of the pain, and having a stranger sticking a needle through my clit didn’t sound appealing. This piercing was different. I would still have a stranger sticking needles in me, but this one, I thought I could handle it, and it looked cute!

The piercer was amazing! She was thorough and careful. Four quick breaths and it was done. It has been two and half months. It is healing nicely. It still itches a lot but it isn’t sore. The only issue I am having is shaving around it. Once I can remove the bar, I am hoping that shaving and waxing will be easier.

I almost didn’t do this. I struggled with doing something that truly had no purpose, and I was a little old to be piercing stuff. At the end of the day, It was fun, sexy, exciting, and exactly what I needed.

Sinful Sunday


  • Bee

    I too lost my navel piercing when I had abdominal surgery and at a later date when they botched the navel reconstruction, I wasn’t able to have it pierced again.

    But this style of piercing is just so pretty!

    • Chrisy Kay

      Thank you! I have to say that I do love it. It makes shaving a bit more of a chore, but I think it’s cute. The Piercer (who was absolutely amazing) said this piercing (the Christina piercing) is like the navel piercing of the genital area. Haha! I have to admit I really am disappointed about the naval piercing tho. I miss it and loved how it looked. This was a cute compromise!

  • Molly

    Oh I love this. I had a naval piecering but I took it out eventually as after 2 years it would still often get sore and irritated. I don’t miss it at all but I do love my nose piecing.

    I have contemplated a nipple pieceing but the thought of the discomfort and healing part puts me off.


    • Chrisy Kay

      I thought about nipple piercing as well, but my german shepherd toddler dog swats at me (never gives his paw slowly and carefully) and I can’t count the amount of times he has hit my nipples with his nails. Each time, I was forever grateful I didn’t have my nipples pierced! I never say never, but not while he can still swat with the power of a grizzly!

  • Jerbear

    Looking at this very closely again … I’m taken in on how the little goose bumps on your skin highlight the piercing.
    Amazing photo in this close up.
    Great introductory submission!

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