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  • green grass and brown mulch with white lounge chair sitting in the middle
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    Just relax.  Calm down, and everything will work out just fine.  Breathe.  I’m sure we have all heard these phrases of condolences and trying to inspire hope.  I get it.  What else can you say?  Everyone is feeling the pressure from our current state in the world.  Bottom line?  There are no words that induce relaxation. In November of 2019, I adopted a puppy.  He is a German Shepherd puppy.  The last thing I needed was a puppy.  I already had a great dog who had settled in his ways, and we had a good routine.  We could relax as much as we wanted.  The puppy changed that.  He is…

  • six bottles of alcohol wine, tequila, whiskey and rum
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    Spilled Liquor

    The corner of my dining room is where I keep my alcohol.  Dusting the other day I looked up and realized that each of these bottles has a direct connection with people I have fallen in love with.  I was never a big drinker and actually, still, I am not.  I enjoy a good drink but I talk about drinking and needing a drink more than I actually do.  All the spilled liquor in my home and in my life has made me who I am.  I am not giving all the credit to spilled liquor but I give credit to the symbolism of it. Quarenta Y Tres Liqueur, A product of…