30 Days of D/s

From Loving BDSM, 30 days of questions or thought-provoking statements that make you truly think about your D/s.

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    30 Days of D/s

    Sexual Availability

    What do you think? Does it sound deliciously sexy? Sexually availability was never a struggle for me. In my situation, I was always ready for sex or play.  Looking back now, I thought that was part of being submissive.  I wanted to be available whenever he needed me.  It was exciting.  I was always prepared.  Always had my nails done in the color of his choice.  I was always shaved how he liked.  I was always ready with his favorite bra and panties or nothing at all.  Sometimes it happened and sometimes it didn’t but I was always ready and willing.  It was my pleasure to be prepared and prepped…

  • 30 Days of D/s

    Orgasm control

    Orgasm control encompasses a lot of different play. I never really thought about orgasm control as a thing.  New to all of this, I was just happy when I did have an orgasm.  I do not orgasm easily.  I get in my head and all the crazy things go through my head.  What do I look like?  My stomach is so fat!  Am I pleasing him?  What’s next?  This was much worse in my vanilla life.  Since being with Daddy it has gotten much better.  However, orgasms do not come easily or fast for me.  The other side of that is that I am not bothered by it.  I know…

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    D/s without sex??

    Have you ever considered D/s without a sexual component? Woah!  Nope!  Admittedly, with sex is the only D/s I have known or heard about, but recent research has shown there is more to it than the norm.  (Go figure).  Although with my current situation it feels like D/s with no sex and most of the times, no D/s. Would you be interested in something like it? You know… maybe.  I’ve been so caught up in my current situation with my current Dom that I never really think about anything other than fixing what is wrong “currently”.  But… I like being submissive and I like serving so I am curious if…

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    Community Involvement

    Have you done it in the past? I haven’t done this… yet.  I have an interest, but it is something I have not tried and would be nervous about going alone.  I don’t have any other friends that are into BDSM (that I know of).  It is always such a taboo discussion item.  Some are open but not sure they would want to join me.  I always considered it a private thing and until recently didn’t think I would be comfortable.  Although, when I started dating a woman who was a new community that I had to acclimate to and did ok.  But it is more acceptable to be gay…

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    Stressful Times

    Does it surprise you that you might not maintain the same level of D/s during the stressful times? No, this doesn’t surprise me at all.  It is where I am in my situation right now.  I don’t think this is unique to a D/s relationship.   Many times, when things are stressful all parts of any relationship have the potential to be impacted.  Through financial stress, family stress (death/illness), work stress and home/work balance, it is all hard to maintain the “normal” of any kind of relationship.  I think this is when the relationship is tested the most, and also strengthened the most.  It is hard, but it is when both…