February Photofest 2020

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    Day 17 – Alone Time

    There was a time when my alone time consisted of unhealthy foods and maybe even some alcohol.  Mostly unhealthy foods and soda.  Over the past three years, I have learned and worked on creating new ways to have alone time that are healthy and more emotionally supportive.  I have also found ways to relieve my emotions that won’t eventually come back to cause me more stress than the original stressor.  Alone time never use to be a good thing for me.  It was too quiet, gave me too much time think with little time to sort my thoughts around the voices that told me I wasn’t good enough. I still…

  • Naked white body with breast visible up close of nipples
    February Photofest 2020,  February Photofest 2020,  Memes and Things

    Day 16 – Nipples

    Nipples respond to so many things but usually in the same way.  They perk up and push out to let you know they are responding.  My nipples never use to talk to me.  I barely knew they were there and they didn’t bring me pleasure at all.  It has taken time but now I know what they like when it comes to sexual stimulation and when done right they respond in the most wonderful ways. It used to be that my nipples only got hard when I was cold and even then it was hit or miss.  I never understood the big deal about breasts and nipples because mine seemed…

  • front view of naked causation woman standing by a window
    February Photofest 2020,  February Photofest 2020,  Memes and Things

    Day 15 – Birthdays

    Birthdays can be difficult for me.  It is rare that I walk around in my birthday suit on my birthday.  This is because my birthday is in February and we usually have snow and cold weather.  Today is chilly and windy so instead of my birthday day suit I had sweat pants and hoodie on.  I was sitting at the dining room table and felt something warm on my back.  I realized it was the sun.  I stood up and looked out the window and while it was still windy the sun was heating the window and the warmth was coming through.  It felt amazing.  Making me long for Spring…

  • naked body front with candied hearts sprinkled over the body
    February Photofest 2020,  February Photofest 2020,  Memes and Things

    Day 14 – Candied Hearts

    These little candied hearts are my favorite Valentine’s Day candy.  Valentine’s Day has always been awkward for me.  When I was younger it meant it was the one day my first day would shop by himself and buy my Mom, Sister and myself a small box of chocolate and a little stuffed animal.  He hated shopping and this was the only day he forced himself to go it alone.  It was special and I miss those Valentine’s Days.  Valentine’s Day is also the day before my birthday so while Dad made it special it was always a prelude to my big day, whatever that looked like year by year. As…

  • black and white slightly blurry photo of two bodies legs wrapped around waste
    February Photofest 2020,  February Photofest 2020,  Memes and Things

    Day 13 – Black and White

    I often hear the phrase, “it is black and white.”  Typically this means that whatever the subject up for discussion is clear.  There is no misunderstanding and it is exactly what it appears to be.  That’s lovely to think there is such a thing but I call bullshit. Black and white as never been clear to me.  I can always find the greys and shadows and light.  In the guise of different perspectives, different cultures, different beliefs, nothing is black and white or cut and dry.  The idioms, one line analogies, and labels we place on things are rarely what it appears to be.  It is a shame that we…