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    Advent was something I had only heard at church.  I was raised going to a Methodist church and converted to Catholicism so that my future husband’s mother would come to the wedding.  Yes, she made it clear she would not be there if I didn’t take the leap so I lept. Advent described as the lead up to something.  In the religious realm, the birth of Christ.  Most of that was lost in my family growing up.  Mom wanted us to have a base of religion and Dad only went to church on the holidays he felt he needed to and that stopped when we were old enough not to…

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    All my life my favorite color was red!  Perhaps that was a sign.  Funny thing is, back in the day, girls were supposed to like pink and pastel colors and red was for whores.  It wasn’t a power color back then.  I don’t even remember when it changed or when I noticed it changed, but I always loved the color. I started wearing red when I was pregnant with my daughter.  I hated all the maternity clothes.  The word Baby with an arrow pointing to my stomach was not cute to me.  So I bought larger clothes and started adding red scarves and such. Embracing the “red” in my life…

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    Something spoke to me about this prompt “Authentic”.  I’ve been struggling to find my words.  Struggling to find my thoughts and put them into words.  Actually, struggling to find my thoughts or make sense of them.  Authentic is something I have always strived to be.  I wanted to be authentic, honest and true to myself and everyone else, as best as I could.  I was raised that way.  My Mom was a shining example of authenticity.  I don’t say this sarcasm but with sincerity.  While she rarely said what was on her mind, whether she agreed or disagreed, she was always true to herself.  My Dad had a sharper edge.…

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    Breaking Through the Block

    I can’t remember the last time I posted anything or even what it was.  It has been a rough few weeks when it comes to writing.  Breaking through the block has always been tough for me.  I never had a process to breaking through the block that I was aware of, I just starting writing and got back on the horse.  This was different. I tried over and over again and either thought it was crap or got frustrated because there was no flow and deleted whatever was there. Thanks to my The Smutlancers friends on Patreon, I was challenged to write this weekend.  Or perhaps not challenged but made…

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    Another song

    Music was always important to her and that will never change.  All of her life experiences she can relate back to a songs lyric.  Fast and hard beating to get out her anger or slow and sad to match the bleeding of her broken heart.    Her entire life could be written with the songs in her playlist.  The most primary type of songs in that playlist would be the cheating songs.  Why is this?  Because she has a habit of falling for those she cant have.  Every day, week, month, there is another song that speaks to her life. Does He Love You?   One of her favorites.  The story…