• metal barbell small on black blanket edited with cold and hot temperature light
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    Cold and Hot

    Cold and hot, back and forth, trading off a few minutes at a time.  This is how the weather had been.  Typical for this time of year, her least favorite time of year.  She wished Mother Nature would just make up her mind and pick one or the other. Temperatures make things interesting. Weather, water, metal, glass, it all changes how we feel.  With this in mind, she took the metal dildo out of the freezer.  Walking naked to her bedroom, she turned off the lights and the television.  The windows were open.  The weather outside was damp. A cool breeze crept through the open window.  The weather matched her…

  • security cameras black and white photo of a bedroom with a picture of the bed abstract dresser to the left with a carpet from security camera
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    Security Camera

    , Security cameras, ugh! Rebecca installed the video security cameras when she first hired someone to come and walk her dog.  She felt uneasy about a stranger in her home so she ordered a couple of security cameras.  One for the living room and one for the bedroom.  She wanted to know if someone was browsing through her house.  Recent events had her now working less, the dog walker no longer needed, she barely remembered they were there.  Walking into her bedroom she heard the familiar beeping that alerted her the camera had been offline.  Glancing at the clock she realized at some point the electricity had been off and…

  • two bare white legs at thigh level with a Derin cane with black handle and white whip laying across the legs. Whip marks visible on legs
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    Feeling the Sting.

    Sometimes you have to take matters into your own hands!  Although it isn’t at all the same as having it done to me, I have to admit I enjoyed feeling the familiar sting and seeing the marks I was able to make.  This was new to me.  This Delrin Cane actually lends itself to self-use, whether it was meant to or not.  Pulling back the cane and releasing it to hit my skin was a challenge. Knowing the strike is coming is quite different from anticipating it.  There was hesitation.  I was more gentle than I am used to or had expected from Sir.   It took a few times…

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    A Walk in the Woods

    Every weekend she makes sure she takes time to enjoy the outdoors.  She had a path she normally takes in the local park in her neighborhood.  Life gets so busy with the multiple responsibilities and obligations, that she promises herself the time to get outside and clear her head. The path she normally takes was muddy and cluttered with tree branches from the recent storm.  She chose a different route, one she had been on before and it had a gravel path so she thought it would be a better choice.   The path was a little more strenuous but she welcomed the challenge.  There was a lot in her…

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    A Twist on Phone Sex

    It’s Tuesday.  It is almost time to log in.  Every Tuesday she logs in and waits for the phone to ring so she can start her part-time job.  She never would have imagined even three years ago she would be doing this kind of part-time job.  Looking for a remote typing job and complaining to a friend that none of them were legitimate, she mentioned being a phone sex operator.  Her friend started explaining the process and that she knew people that had done it.  It was easy money and you do it from home.  After a little research and investigation a month later, she was set up in her home.  She…