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    Lazy Days and Boobs!

    There is something about a lazy day and boobs that makes sense. In more ways than one. Every morning, Daddy has asked that I send him pictures of boobs in the morning. We are at a distance most of the time and rarely see each other and this makes him smile in the morning, so I do not mind this task at all! I have A LOT of pictures of my boobs, and it dawned on me today that I could be sharing them here as well. This photo was taken while I was being quite lazy about the task. It was my day off and I just couldn’t bring…

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    Benefits to Working at Home

    I am trying to find the benefits of working from home and take advantage of the time given to me.  My work is an “on-call” basis so I am only needed if the client has a meeting.  While I was in the office, I used my downtime to write or read or shop.  In an effort to decrease my anxiety with all of these new routines in place at the moment.  I am determined to make better use of my time.  The benefits of being able to stay at home are good.  Even with some of the inconveniences. I don’t have an office in my home.  I worked briefly in…

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    A little Boobday fun!

    I was feeling the need for a little boobday fun!  I haven’t been feeling so sexy and since the last time I was showing my boobs and feeling sexy, I was at Eroticon.  Hoping to pull some of that back! This picture is one of my out takes from February Photofest.  I didn’t use it because there was a roll showing.  I was tired and slumping over.  Looking at it today I thought it didn’t look that bad.  I guess I was really overly critical of all my pictures, but I always am. So, its a roll.  Big deal.  We all have them.  What I see now is that my…

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    Eroticon 2019!

    It has taken some time to get my thoughts together for this post.  I started it several times, and it was a draft in my folder. looming and waiting for publishing.  Eroticon 2019 was my first conference.   It was more than just a conference.   Perhaps that is why I was struggling to publish anything about it.  I wanted to make sure I did it justice.  Like most of my writing, I analyze and edit more than I can express.   This was more than a conference, it was an experience.  It was a life changing experience.  I doubt I can do it justice, but I will try. Making the Decision to…

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    Eroticon Boobs!!

    I have a lot to say about Eroticon 2019 and the amazing experience that it was.  One of the highlights and a great way to finish off the weekend was the Eroticon Boob photo!  Hyacinth, who has made boobs extra special with her Boobday meme that she runs on A Dissolute Life Means had the amazing idea of everyone getting together and taking these photos.  She sent it out on Twitter. I immediately responded, “I’m in!”.  Honestly, I didn’t hesitate for even a second.  The vibe from everyone at this conference was electric.  I knew there would be several people interested in taking part in this.  I had no idea how many…