Every Damn Day in June

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    Feeling Strappy Kinks

    I am feeling strappy kinks!  Maybe I am feeling strappy because it has been forever since I have experienced them.  I love straps of any kind, in clothing, and how they feel when they graze my body.  My biggest kink (thus far) is impact play.  Spanking, crops, and belts have been my experience, and I love them all.  Flogging is something that I have not experienced but hope that someday I will.  Until then, I will settle for soft straps across my body.  This suit was ordered during one of my sleep shopping nights.  Silly, I know, but I honestly don’t remember ordering this!  It came in the mail, and…

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    Just relax.  Calm down, and everything will work out just fine.  Breathe.  I’m sure we have all heard these phrases of condolences and trying to inspire hope.  I get it.  What else can you say?  Everyone is feeling the pressure from our current state in the world.  Bottom line?  There are no words that induce relaxation. In November of 2019, I adopted a puppy.  He is a German Shepherd puppy.  The last thing I needed was a puppy.  I already had a great dog who had settled in his ways, and we had a good routine.  We could relax as much as we wanted.  The puppy changed that.  He is…

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    Cross my mind

    Every now and then you cross my mind.  I can be having a good day and fostering all my new relationships and goals and then all of a sudden, you are there.  There doesn’t have to be a trigger.  I don’t have to hear your name.  There is no need for me to see you, but you are there. Mostly it is when things are going crazy and I reach for the phone to talk to you.  LIke it use to be I just reach for the phone.  I have even had your name pulled up to text before I realize that I can do that anymore.  I can’t tell…

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    Love all trust a few

    Over the past few years, my ability to love all and trust has been diminished to nothing.  This makes me sad because I use to be a very trusting person.  I trusted that people (most people) were honest and good and truly trying to be good people.  Trying to be a good person myself, I naturally assumed others were doing the same.  Wrong.  Trusting people has hurt me.  Loving people have hurt me.  Trying to do both equally has proven impossible. Love all, trust a few.   I saw this written out today and instantly knew I had to borrow it for a post.  (I believe that it is a…

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    I think and over think everything.  I am getting worse in some areas and better in others but basically, I am constantly over thinking things and worrying about things.  Sometimes I label it as processing.  I do that when I want to justify the worry and overthinking.  I get it honestly from my mother.  When she does it I tell her it will be okay or process with her so we can figure things out, but basically, I am just as bad as she is. I have never explored the possibility of anxiety issues.  I was always the calm one in the family.  The one that took over and helped Mom…