Every Damn Day In June


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    Surviving has been something I have done my entire life.  Like most people.  I am not unique in this quest.  The quest for happiness and well being.  The search and desire for a happy family, healthy children.  The continued fight for good health and a strong body.  Regardless of what our goals we all want to survive.  The level of survival is key to me, particularly at this point in my life. At 15 our family home caught fire.  My parents and my sister and I were out of town.  The furnace ignited and eventually blew up.  The entire inside of the house was in flames, only the outside shell…

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    Every Damn Day in June,  Every Damn Day In June,  Memes and Things

    Cross my mind

    Every now and then you cross my mind.  I can be having a good day and fostering all my new relationships and goals and then all of a sudden, you are there.  There doesn’t have to be a trigger.  I don’t have to hear your name.  There is no need for me to see you, but you are there. Mostly it is when things are going crazy and I reach for the phone to talk to you.  LIke it use to be I just reach for the phone.  I have even had your name pulled up to text before I realize that I can do that anymore.  I can’t tell…

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    I think and over think everything.  I am getting worse in some areas and better in others but basically, I am constantly over thinking things and worrying about things.  Sometimes I label it as processing.  I do that when I want to justify the worry and overthinking.  I get it honestly from my mother.  When she does it I tell her it will be okay or process with her so we can figure things out, but basically, I am just as bad as she is. I have never explored the possibility of anxiety issues.  I was always the calm one in the family.  The one that took over and helped Mom…

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    I have never been someone who has migraines.  Or so I thought.  For the past few months, I have had nothing but headaches.  Sometimes they are super noticeable and sometimes barely there.  They have been constant, however.   Today has been one of those days where it was constant and pretty painful.  The usual dulling medication did not work so for me this has been a wasted day. Back in the day and probably still true today, people use to joke about women saying they didn’t want to have sex because they had a headache.  My joke was that my headache had nothing to do with the parts of me…

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    Our sex

    Our sex is not constant or regular or something to count on.  It is rare and random and last minute.  We have labeled it “coffee and sex”.  He comes over in the morning and we share coffee and catch up on our lives.  We lay on my bed talking about our kids, our stress points, and the things that make us both happy.  We end the conversation always talking about why we don’t see each more often, as we would like to.  Then we stare at each other and he leans in to kiss me. And then it starts.  His kisses are long and strong.  He isn’t Dominant in the…