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    A guy is a guy

    This is an interesting prompt and as I read through how others approached it I was intrigued.  Or, maybe I felt bad because I didn’t have the same reaction?  Maybe where I am in my life right now prevents me from thinking outside my own box, I’m not sure.  But when I saw “A guy is a guy”, as the prompt I thought to myself, I have a ton of shit to say about this.  Before I had a chance to write anything I read a few other perspectives and it made me think differently. Originally, my thought was “a guy IS a guy” totally based on my experience with…

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    It is no secret that I am not good at letting go of the past.  I do not have good skills at unpacking my baggage.  The slightest things can take me back to the people, places, and things that have hurt me.  I want to unpack.  Practicing the process of unpacking all the emotions.  Setting up ways to make sure that I don’t dwell in the past, but I always do.  It always comes back to me at the most inopportune moments. It can be anything that takes me back to the painful moments.  Lately, even being reminded of the happy moments can make me sad.  This happens in all…

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    Online Dating

    Where do I even start with online dating?   I have been on several different sites.  Some are strictly vanilla and some are strictly kinky… some cross the two in subtle ways through the profiles.  I have had some success but most days online dating makes me appreciate being single and wanting to stay that way if only because finding someone online is more of a challenge than it should be. First and foremost, I have come to not mind being single these days.  This could be because it has been difficult to find one (or two, or three) regular relationships that make sense.  They either just want to fuck, which…

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    Lazy afternoons

    Today was a good day.  Lazy afternoons haven’t happened for me lately.  For some reason, I have had the need to keep busy and can’t sit still.  Today, I didn’t do a thing except for my monthly massage.  While the massage was brutal and much needed and I’m sore from it, it was nice to have an afternoon to do nothing. My daughter was working so I had the house to myself.  The alone time was also nice.  After my shower, I sat on the couch with the door open because it was a really nice day outside.  I couldn’t bring myself to go outside, even more of a sign…

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    Double Penetration

    Double penetration is something that I  fantasized about.  In the porn I watch to get off there is usually some form of DP or gang sex represented.  When I first started thinking about it I felt bad for admitting that it excited me.  I wasn’t sure if I wanted the experience with two men or just wanted to experience how it would feel to be filled and full of something.  I have a lot of fantasies that I like to watch but don’t want to do.  Or maybe I just don’t know if I want to or not. With my ex – we did fuck with butt plugs in so I…