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    It Is Within Me

    It is within me.  Sleepless nights, brain on overdrive, everything tried, tossing and turning, where are the peace and calm? It is within me.  Hard to find at times, but I can reach it.  Fingers inserted into my pussy to explore and exhaust my physical self.  If I exhaust myself physically, perhaps my mind will rest. Some count sheep and some take sedatives.  I reach for my sole through the means I have learned what works best.  Time for myself.  Time to get lost. I am searching for peace and searching for release. I am tired of waiting for someone else to make it better.  No need for anyone else.  Would…

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    Those little red clothespins tho!

    There are a lot of things that I enjoy that are used to cause pain.  Those little red clothespins tho!  Most of my kink and learning about what I like came from my first and last Dom.  He was much more knowledgable and was also very good at introducing things slowly and carefully.  I remember one time while I was watching his house and he was away with someone else I got nosey.  I admit it.  I use to feel bad about it but fuck it now.  He is gone and while he probably knew he never said anything so he didn’t care.  I didn’t snoop through his financials, or…

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    Public Play

    Public play has always been elusive to me.  Part of this is because I am afraid of it.  I am interested in it and at times have wished I had more courage or more confidence to experience it freely the way it should be.  I know myself and know that I would be more worried about what people think than I would be focused on enjoying myself and just being in the moment.  That is how I use to be about sex, in general, all the time.  I am learning to get better and just let go and enjoy myself but it takes time. When I started exploring my kinks…

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    Breath play

    Breath play was new to me, as were most things outside my vanilla experiences.  The first time he wrapped his fingers around my throat I wasn’t sure what to expect.  He just kept his hand there at first.  Slowly he applied a little pressure, then a little more, then a little more.  I was hooked.  Which was weird for me because I am a little claustrophobic about some things. The pressure of his hand on my throat made me feel alive.  That may sound a little “romantic”.  Breath play to me was always scary.  My imagination was way worse than the truth so there is that.  His hand on my…

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    Double Penetration

    Double penetration is something that I  fantasized about.  In the porn I watch to get off there is usually some form of DP or gang sex represented.  When I first started thinking about it I felt bad for admitting that it excited me.  I wasn’t sure if I wanted the experience with two men or just wanted to experience how it would feel to be filled and full of something.  I have a lot of fantasies that I like to watch but don’t want to do.  Or maybe I just don’t know if I want to or not. With my ex – we did fuck with butt plugs in so I…