February Photofest 2022

28 Days of photos defining self-love.  Finding love for yourself is necessary before you can find a passion for others.  It is a journey unlike no other.  Taking the time to access how you truly feel about yourself is essential to your inner peace.  Sounds lofty, but it is a journey worth taking.  My journey has started and stopped many times.  That is ok.  I will keep going until I get it.  I will keep going, whether it is sexy naked pictures, reading, or just brutal self-assessment. I look forward to sharing my photos and thoughts as well as seeing others' photos and what they share with us.  This is a wonderful month of sharing sexy photos and thoughts!

  • soapy bath naked woman squatting in the bath tup naked from front breast arms back ready to sit in the tup
    February Photofest 2022


    Soapy and lowering into the bath, I am looking forward to relaxing. I do not take baths often. I love them, but I haven’t focused on them since I moved to this house. It isn’t very comfortable in this bathtub, but I realize how much I miss it when I decide to take a bath. This house has horrible water pressure, and the water temperature is either lukewarm or scalding. So finding a relaxing balance is difficult. It takes forever to fill, but eventually, it makes me feel much better when that balance is found. I have been having some back issues and was hopeful that a warm bath would…

  • celebrate, body image, three sillouette images separated by borders woman behind a grey screen
    February Photofest 2022


    Love your birthday or hate it, we all have them. Considering the alternative, it is a good thing. I have found that the more times I celebrate my birthday, the less I care about what the celebration looks like and more about who I am celebrating with. The number of times I have celebrated my birthday is a little daunting these days. The alternative, as stated before, is more daunting. Last year, my health scare made me evaluate my perspective on a larger scale than before. I have always thought of age as just a number. My number seems quite a bit distant from most of my friends. They are…

  • love yourself, black background spot light in the middle, white woman squating down with black boots and beigh sweater covering her arms and butt.
    February Photofest 2022

    Just One Day of Love?

    Valentines Day is just annoying to me. Just one day of love? Shouldn’t this be something we focus on year-round? My birthday is February 15. The day after the day of love. When I was a kid, my Dad would always show up on Valentine’s Day with a small stuffed animal and a small candy box for my sister and me. That is my best memory of this day. As I got older, it just got annoying. Valentines Day became a challenge for men (back in the day, that was the focus, so don’t shoot me with feminism on this one. I’m 57 years old today – it was literally…

  • cornered white woman wearing a sweater looking off to the side naked from waste down brown hair beige sweater
    February Photofest 2022


    I love the feeling of being cornered by him, waiting for his next move. This is another photo from the professional photoshoot last year. It is not super clear, but I was in a corner, and we were trying different poses and doing the photo shoot thing. When I take my pictures, I always have a thought in mind that I want to relay through the photograph. I am always waiting for Daddy to set the pace. He has never put me in the corner to wait for him; I don’t mean that kind of waiting. Although I am sure that has crossed his mind on occasion. Usually, when we…