• six bottles of alcohol wine, tequila, whiskey and rum
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    Spilled Liquor

    The corner of my dining room is where I keep my alcohol.  Dusting the other day I looked up and realized that each of these bottles has a direct connection with people I have fallen in love with.  I was never a big drinker and actually, still, I am not.  I enjoy a good drink but I talk about drinking and needing a drink more than I actually do.  All the spilled liquor in my home and in my life has made me who I am.  I am not giving all the credit to spilled liquor but I give credit to the symbolism of it. Quarenta Y Tres Liqueur, A product of…

  • Green body suit and view of ass
    Sinful Sunday

    Good Girl

    Good Girl! I haven’t heard these words in a while.  Good Girl.   Quite a while actually and I miss it.  I miss hearing the words whispered in my ear or sent in a text.  Two little words that show so much.  They show that I have done something to please someone.  That I have made someone happy or proud of me. I still do these things for others, but there is something about these words from someone you trust with every piece of yourself that makes the deed even more gratifying. In finding myself out of a D/s relationship I realize that I miss a lot of things about…

  • view of legs bent knees crossed with no pants and wearing a hoody covering the rest of the body comfy clothes
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    Comfy clothes

    The bottom line, I love my comfy clothes.  I spent some time tonight taking some pictures for the remainder of February Photofest 2019.  I pulled out some corsets and some outfits that I have to get in some kind of mood other than the one I was in.  It has been a day and I’m just feeling blah!  I pulled out two of my favorites corsets.  The problem with being curvy down below is that in order to get corsets to fit low, they are baggie up top.  I did all kinds of perspectives and just ended up more frustrated than when I started out.  I got them done so…

  • creativity black and white silhouette of human figure against the wall
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    In order to be open to creativity, one must have the capacity for constructive use of solitude. One must overcome the fear of being alone.      Rollo May This quote rings very true to me for several reasons.  I have a strange perspective on my own creativity.  At times, I feel like it flows from me like a river.  Other times, it is non-existent.  I know this is true for most people and we, as creatives take what we can get when we can get it. February Photofest 2019 has raised up an old love of mine for photography. For as long as I can remember, I have loved taking pictures.…

  • two bare white legs at thigh level with a Derin cane with black handle and white whip laying across the legs. Whip marks visible on legs
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    Feeling the Sting.

    Sometimes you have to take matters into your own hands!  Although it isn’t at all the same as having it done to me, I have to admit I enjoyed feeling the familiar sting and seeing the marks I was able to make.  This was new to me.  This Delrin Cane actually lends itself to self-use, whether it was meant to or not.  Pulling back the cane and releasing it to hit my skin was a challenge. Knowing the strike is coming is quite different from anticipating it.  There was hesitation.  I was more gentle than I am used to or had expected from Sir.   It took a few times…