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    Shame is a hardcore emotion. By hardcore, I mean it is one of the most challenging emotions (for me) to process and let go of. Some hide their shame while others admit it openly, like a confession they feel they need to offer for redemption. I do a little of both. I could say it depends on the situation that the shame comes from. I am not sure that I have come to terms with all the things I have done that made me ashamed of myself or my actions. I fully admit I am not always the best person I can be. I could be a better daughter, mother,…

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    Always the Wrong Place

    We seem to be always in the wrong place. The distance between us is long and eternal. It is a daily struggle for both of us. I am not always proud of how I handle myself during the times I am not with him. Being a strong woman is hard. Long-distance relationships aren’t always the best or the worst. Sometimes they work out fine. There may be defined times to see each other such as every other weekend, or once a month. Our situation is different. It is last minute, spur of the moment, can you meet me now? I’m not going to lie, that is exciting. The call at…

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    She walked in and dropped to her knees. He came from the kitchen and approached her. She wrapped her arms around his legs and looked up at him without hesitation, creating a connection between their bodies. His eyes were dark. The dark they become when they play. She didn’t expect them to be so dark so soon. He was ready. She waited for him to decide what would happen next. He was caressing her hair, his eye hadn’t left hers. He was smiling. She knew that smile, and she knew what he wanted. She also knew that it would be what she wanted as well. He reached for his belt…

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    Bottom up

    My bottom side is not something that I typically show. I don’t see it as he does. I wish I could. There are parts of my body that I am happy with regardless of how they got the way they are, surgery or hard work, or genetics. My bottom will never be something that I can look at with objectivity. I come from a family of big bottom folks! Both maternal and paternal families are famed for their hips and big butts. I did not escape the genetics on this one. I don’t wholly blame the family; I could work out more and eat less. Honestly, I do not know…

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    Good People

    I like good people and want to be around good people. When the past comes knocking on my door, I have never been one to leave it there standing on the porch. I have a lot of shit in my past, but I also feel that I learn from my experiences. I have learned not to live in the past and over the past three years, I have learned to place it in a safe place in my brain. Until now. My breakup with my Dom (first and only) has been a huge part of this blog. Our relationship prior to the breakup has been too. I write my feelings…