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    Erotic Journal Challenge #7 – Distress

      Erotic Journal Challenge #7 – Distress I am starting the journal Challenge at the current week but will try and catch up on past weeks.  I have always loved this idea and I am looking forward to pushing myself to answer the tough questions and also the fun ones.  This post is about distress.  After reading the prompt I realized my distress comes from a different place. When I think about distress as it relates to my sexual desires there are several different branches to this tree.  When I was younger, first married at 24 years old, I was clueless about what I wanted or what turned me on.…

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    Happy Birthday, Daddy

      Today is your birthday.  For all the years I knew you, you hated this day.  You couldn’t understand why people made such a big deal over their birthdays.  We both know it always made you think of the one that got away.  She always reaches out on your birthday, and while it was nice to hear from her, it also made you sad. No one knows better than me (other than her) how much you loved and love her and how much you missed her. Through everything you have been through these past few years, everything you went through with your primary, and I suppose even me, you finally…

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    When He takes a risk

    When he takes a risk and kisses you on the cheek for no reason other than he wanted to do, it happens far and few between, making it more special.  There is truth to the point that most things in maximum supply are taken for granted.  People with horses on their property rarely ride them.  People that live at the beach rarely go to see the ocean.  It is the things in the biggest demand that we desire most of all. The sub in me wanted to drop to my knees to thank him.   I knew this was something that could not happen.  People were around.  His primary was…