Thoughts and writings are very similar categories.  Thoughts are more of a journal that is ongoing.  Things I think about and goals I want to accomplish.  There is no structure or method.  Some of my stories will end up in this category based on the content.  Sometimes the stories I write are the thoughts in my head that need a place to land.

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    Blue Sky

    The color blue to some is a sad and gloomy state of being.  “Feeling blue” has been meant to feel sad and low.  For me, there is something uplifting and hopeful about the color of a blue sky.  I can make me feel happy.  I look up and see the brilliant blue color and there is something about it that gives me hope.  Particularly after a few days of grey and rainy days, the blue sky can energize me. Beaches and blue sky always center me.  I usually give the beach and the ocean the credit for making me feel better and making me feel centered.  I don’t think I…

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      As if my life hasn’t presented me with enough decisions and in some way options, I have been grappling with something that I have wanted to do for a long time.  I tend to tuck away my emotions most of the time and handle things on my own so this decision has been dwelling in my brain for quite some time.  To tuck or not to tuck that is the decision. I have grown a great deal in the area of self-love and self-acceptance.  Much of that came from my extinguished D/s relationship.  My fear was when Daddy left me that he would take the confidence he had given me…

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    I swore I wasn’t going to write about you anymore.  I closed the door and locked it securely – or so I thought.  But today, today hit me in the heart like a dagger.  A feeling I thought I would never experience again.  Sadly, I was wrong once again.   Apparently, I will never be able to forget the experience of this dagger.  The unseen sharpness that slices through my skin with invisibility, piercing my heart with expert precise movement, never failing to hit its mark. This dagger is elusive, sneaky, stealthy.  The moment I think I have buried it, lost it, destroyed it, it returns to me out of nowhere.…

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    Erotic Journal Challenge #7 – Distress

      Erotic Journal Challenge #7 – Distress I am starting the journal Challenge at the current week but will try and catch up on past weeks.  I have always loved this idea and I am looking forward to pushing myself to answer the tough questions and also the fun ones.  This post is about distress.  After reading the prompt I realized my distress comes from a different place. When I think about distress as it relates to my sexual desires there are several different branches to this tree.  When I was younger, first married at 24 years old, I was clueless about what I wanted or what turned me on.…

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    Happy Birthday, Daddy

      Today is your birthday.  For all the years I knew you, you hated this day.  You couldn’t understand why people made such a big deal over their birthdays.  We both know it always made you think of the one that got away.  She always reaches out on your birthday, and while it was nice to hear from her, it also made you sad. No one knows better than me (other than her) how much you loved and love her and how much you missed her. Through everything you have been through these past few years, everything you went through with your primary, and I suppose even me, you finally…