Thoughts and writings are very similar categories.  Thoughts are more of a journal that is ongoing.  Things I think about and goals I want to accomplish.  There is no structure or method.  Some of my stories will end up in this category based on the content.  Sometimes the stories I write are the thoughts in my head that need a place to land.

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    Happy Birthday, Daddy

      Today is your birthday.  For all the years I knew you, you hated this day.  You couldn’t understand why people made such a big deal over their birthdays.  We both know it always made you think of the one that got away.  She always reaches out on your birthday, and while it was nice to hear from her, it also made you sad. No one knows better than me (other than her) how much you loved and love her and how much you missed her. Through everything you have been through these past few years, everything you went through with your primary, and I suppose even me, you finally…

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    What to Write

    When I began this journey it was at the encouragement of my Dom at the time.  I knew what to write.  I would write about our stories and our experiences.  Anyone who has followed me knows that ended badly and sadly.  The loss of him has been devastating, but also liberating in some strange way.  I miss it, I miss him and I miss being in a D/s relationship.  These are all things that people tend to go through when a relationship ends. In this way, there is nothing different between D/s and a vanilla relationship.  It is one of the many similarities that many people do not understand.  I…

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    Learning the Hard Way,  Thoughts

    Christmas thoughts

    I haven’t liked Christmas for quite a while now.  It is a long story, some I have written about and some I haven’t.  Tonight, I spent the evening with my Mom, as she navigated through the first Christmas Eve without my Step-Dad.  Christmas for Mom has always been difficult.  She was very poor, growing up, in gin good years may have gotten an orange in a sock.  No decorations or glitter or nice wrapped presents.  She always worked very hard to make it special for us growing up.  This year, it is just sad.  There is nothing we can do to change that fact.  There are no decorations or presents…

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    The Haunted House with the Room of Fog

    He hated haunted houses.  How on earth did he get roped into this night?  It is their bi-monthly gathering and unfortunately, his friends had found a haunted house that was open in December.  What happened to the plan for a few drinks at a bar with old Christmas music, or maybe a piano bar?  Was he getting too old for this kind of thing?  He sucked it up and tried to rally as they gave their tickets to the slightly ghoulish Santa Claus and walked into the house. He was already bored.  He knew it was an attitude adjustment that he needed.  It was Christmas time, not Holloween.  He just couldn’t get…

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    Mental Health

    One of the easiest things to neglect is our health.  We get busy with work, life, family, obligations.  Many bloggers have talked about this, written about this, and we all ponder the “right” way.  I personally feel there isn’t a right or wrong way because we are all different.  I don’t think any of us that really think about it believe that there is a right way or wrong way either.  Most of us are just trying to figure it out as we go, and that is okay too. Many of us look in the mirror and pick apart every single thing that could possibly be wrong.  This roll, that…