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    Unapologetically Me

    I am unapologetically me. It has taken me a very long time to get to this point. I am 57 years old. Unfortunately I think this realization has only come to fruition over the last three years. I have made mistakes. Big ones and little ones. I have learned from every single one of those mistakes. Some of these mistakes I made more than once. That I apologize for, but I apologize to myself. I am not evil, and I do not go out and see who I can hurt or ruin. I live my life as the best person that I can be. I try to be honest, and…

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    Breaking Through the Block

    I can’t remember the last time I posted anything or even what it was.  It has been a rough few weeks when it comes to writing.  Breaking through the block has always been tough for me.  I never had a process to breaking through the block that I was aware of, I just starting writing and got back on the horse.  This was different. I tried over and over again and either thought it was crap or got frustrated because there was no flow and deleted whatever was there. Thanks to my The Smutlancers friends on Patreon, I was challenged to write this weekend.  Or perhaps not challenged but made…

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    Just keep writing

    This past week has been rough.  Work, home, scheduling, classes, weather, etc.  There was little that went well.  When you feel that way, sometimes you forget to look for those little shining moments, or even recognize them when they are right in front of you. Darkness and frustration tend to outshine the shining, no matter how small or obvious they are.  But when you see them, or they are brought to your attention, I feel we need to pay it forward in some way. My daughter and her girlfriend moved in with me in June.  It hasn’t been an easy adjustment but for the most part, we have all enjoyed…

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    Looking back she saw the pattern

    Looking back, she saw the pattern.  Every relationship she had had was based on the other person breaking up with their current partner to then be with her.  She justified it time and time again.  She was always their friends.  It always started that way.   I listening ear, a comforting word, open advice.  It was her pattern.  Unfortunately, it was her way.  She use to think it worked for her.  Until it didn’t. After the last time, she confided in a friend the patterns she saw in herself.  “It’s the competition!”  was his reply.  She instantly disagreed because she didn’t have a competitive bone in her body.  She believed in…

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    A snowy day

    This was my short week with Friday off!  I live for every other week and having that extra day.  Making sure all basis were covered, spending time with Mom and get her settled for our “big snow”.   Met a good friend (gym and then to pizza and beer for her birthday), and some much-needed girl talk and girl time.  Saturday was organizing paperwork, getting ready for taxes (yuck), and getting some goals set for the next few months and the new year.    I have way more goals then I have time.  At least getting them down on paper and some kind of commitment somewhere is crucial!  Today was…