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Protect her heart Stinkerbelle! These are the words my daughter has heard more than a million times in her 25 years.

My daughter and I have a wonderful relationship. Many parents can say that and I don’t dismiss that. We have been through hell and back. Divorces, bad relationships, heroin addiction, deaths, depression, the list could go on but you get the idea. When she started making friends and eventually relationships with boys, I made sure she knew she could tell me anything. I usually let her make her own decisions with reason and ended most of our conversations and advice with, “protect your heart”.

My daughter has a very good perspective on life. Although most of the time it is on the negative darker side of the truth. Which mixes surprisingly well with my more positive optimistic perspectives. We talk openly about everything. Sex, drugs, love, self-love and self-esteem, nothing is off the table. She speaks openly about her heroin addiction. How it started and why it started. She has always taken responsibility for her actions. In some families, heroin can destroy relationships. For her and I, it has made us stronger.

The posts on this page will be centered around our discussions and insights. We are hopeful that the separation of generation will help to blend the gap for people that struggle with these kinds of conversations with the younger people in their lives. This will be ever changing. We hope to have some audio and podcast type posts as well.

Stay tuned!