• silk mask covering eyes of white woman with breast naked and visable brown hair with highlights
    February Photofest 2022


    There is something that thrills me when I wear a blindfold. I am pretty closter phobic, so it is not comfortable for me when my entire face is covered. Wearing a blindfold intensifies all my other senses and makes my other senses more responsive. The first time I wore a blindfold during sex, I was unsure I would enjoy it. It was ok. At the time, the man I was with used a tie as a blindfold, and we had typical vanilla sex. I didn’t think it was terrific, but it did add a bit of difference if nothing else. I didn’t know then what I would eventually explore in…

  • Masturbation Monday,  Memes and Things


    She was trying to downplay the excitement she had about their first overnight together.  Two years of talking and quick lunches and dinners and then fucking but never had they slept in the same bad overnight with each other.  Tonight was the night.  This was not just coffee and sex. She wasn’t sure she would even make it through the concert that was the prequel to what she was considering the main event.  It had been planned for about two months.  There were a slight bit of covert actions happening.  Actions she said she would never do.  Actions she said she would never do again.  When he asked and explained…