• light and dark blue sky line of ocean waves white sandy Florida beach
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    Blue Sky

    The color blue to some is a sad and gloomy state of being.  “Feeling blue” has been meant to feel sad and low.  For me, there is something uplifting and hopeful about the color of a blue sky.  I can make me feel happy.  I look up and see the brilliant blue color and there is something about it that gives me hope.  Particularly after a few days of grey and rainy days, the blue sky can energize me. Beaches and blue sky always center me.  I usually give the beach and the ocean the credit for making me feel better and making me feel centered.  I don’t think I…

  • the sea blue and white ocean in view with sand visible and two feet crossed at the ankle
    February Photofest 2019,  Memes and Things

    The sea

    The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.  – Jacques Cousteau The sea, ocean, bay, whatever body of water is available is my favorite place to be.  February Photofest happens in a cold month with makes outdoor nature photos tough for a girl on the east coast.  So, I went through and found a picture from the past that was a warm and happy day.   A girl can dream!  Stretched on a blanket with the sun on my face and the warmth of the breeze from the sea I imagined you with me.  Your hand gently rubbing my body because you know…