• black and white photo with black background white woman behind window with rain drops shower rain photoshoot
    February Photofest 2022

    Black and White or Color

    I love photography and it is always hard for me to choose black and white or color They both offer so much detail in their own way. When I did the photoshoot I was very financially limited to the number of pictures I could purchase. The photographer made it much harder by offering both black and white color options. I love this shot in both black and white and color for different reasons. The color option offers details to be more clear. My fingernail white tips against the dark skin on my legs and black background. I think the details of my makeup and eyelashes are more obvious. You can…

  • black and white slightly blurry photo of two bodies legs wrapped around waste
    February Photofest 2020,  February Photofest 2020,  Memes and Things

    Day 13 – Black and White

    I often hear the phrase, “it is black and white.”  Typically this means that whatever the subject up for discussion is clear.  There is no misunderstanding and it is exactly what it appears to be.  That’s lovely to think there is such a thing but I call bullshit. Black and white as never been clear to me.  I can always find the greys and shadows and light.  In the guise of different perspectives, different cultures, different beliefs, nothing is black and white or cut and dry.  The idioms, one line analogies, and labels we place on things are rarely what it appears to be.  It is a shame that we…